Getting involved

Get involved in our work by supporting us financially. Your donation helps us make the Elbe more natural.

We contribute to enhancing the ecological status of the tidal Elbe, preserving its natural diversity and strengthening the unique habitats of the river landscape. We achieve this by creating more natural shorelines and forelands, enhancing the ecological structure of the Elbe and its tributaries and promoting the development of more natural tidal dynamics.


How you can support us:

You can either support our overall work or a specific project. The following projects, for example, can be supported directly:

Shoreline Experience Trail at Bunthäuser Spitze

Valuable habitat for Elbe water-dropwort - Finkenwerder Vorhafen

Valuable habitat for Elbe water-dropwort - Flottbek

Port Landscapes - Floating wetlands for the port of Hamburg

Ecologically enhancing sheetpile walls in the port of Hamburg

Tidal and floodplain habitats for Wedeler Au


Transfer your chosen amount to our bank account:

Bank account owner: Stiftung Lebensraum Elbe

Bank account number: DE63 2415 1116 0000 4222 12

Bank: Kreissparkasse Stade


Please mention the project name or simply write "for the work of the Elbe Habitat Foundation" in the purpose of your transfer.


We are happy to provide you with a donation receipt according to German law. Just send an email to Please provide us with your first and last name, your complete address (street, house number, postal code, city) and the purpose of your donation (for example, the name of the project you wish to support). Then we are able to send you the donation receipt.


Do you have any questions?

We are happy to assist you via email, telephone or postal mail.


Phone: +49 40 42840-8344.

Address: Stiftung Lebensraum Elbe | Neuenfelder Straße 19 | D-21109 Hamburg